5 best-selling Italian wines in the world

When you think of Italy, you usually focus on pizza, pasta, arts… and on wine, of course. Indeed, wine is one of the best-selling Italian products in the world, as confirmed by the most recent statistics.

The largest Italian wine importers are USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Japan and Russia. So what are the bestseller wines?

Surely, one of the best DOCG (“controlled and guaranteed designation of origin”) red Italian wines. It is produced in Piemonte, a northern Italian region, using the Nebbiolo grape variety. In Italy, it is often paired with meat dishes, heavy pastas and rich risottos.

Barbaresco is another DOCG red wine, made with Nebbiolo grape and produced in Piemonte. Barbaresco wines must be aged for a minimum of 2 years: as the wine ages, it can develop smoky notes. You should pair it with a roast, cheese or venison.

Chianti is one of the most famous Italian wines produced in central Tuscany. Since 1996 the blend for Chianti and Chianti Classico has been 75-100% Sangiovese, up to 10% Canaiolo and up to 20% of any other approved red grape variety such as Merlot, Syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon. Do you wanna know what to enjoy with this wine? Well, try Chianti with charcuterie, cheese like Parmesan or Pecorino and a variety of meats.

Brunello is a DOCG red Italian wine produced in the vineyards surrounding Montalcino (a town in the Tuscany wine region) using 100% Sangiovese grapes. It has a great variety of tasting notes: dried origano, aged balsamic, red pepper flake and preserved sour cherry. Because of its savory punch, you should drink it while eating flavored red meats, tomato-based dishes (like spaghetti alla marinara).

Prosecco is the most popular sparkling Italian wine and, over the last years, it has been a bigger seller than Champagne: Prosecco is really appreciated in Russia too (where sales have increased by 40% in the last 9 months). It originates from the Valdobbiadene region in Veneto and it is made with Glera grapes. Most Prosecco wines are produced in brut style and they’re the perfect pick for a mimosa. Finally, Prosecco can be served as an aperitif or alongside the main entrée. But it can be also paired with desserts or fish dishes.

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