Lazise, the secret Lake Garda’s pearl

Few less than 7.000 inhabitants live in the small coloured house of this pearl, hidden on the Veronese bank of Lake Garda. Here you can find one of the most romantic walks of the world, that will make fall in love also even the hardest heart.

Proud of its past, this city broke free thanks to the Emperor Ottone II. So, it became one of the first free Italian Communes and it enters to belong to the Kingdom of Italy because of Napoleone.

Lazise (from the Latin word “lacus”, lake village) is a small medieval suburb that guards different important ancient memories to discover: the castle, the walls around it, the old town and the Customs.

As a fascinating town, under perfect conditions, Lazise embraces its visitors and gives the, brilliant foreshortenings with its old abowes. As you arrive, you can park you car in the comfortable parking lot (for a fee) and go on walking till the city center. Lazise attracts many tourists, above all in the weekend, and the parking loti s filled in few hours. So, bring you on the place by the early morning.

You should spend the first hours of your trip discovering the tiny streets and the coloured house of this pearl. Just get a timeout to admire the lake that becomes flushed with the rays of the sun and go buying oil and win from the local producers (maybe by the crushers). Then, play jumping the tiles of the beautiful flooring and follow it until uou reach the checkered principal plaza.

But please, before leaving, don’t forget to visit:

– The Venetian Customs – this famous building (in Venetian style) rises on the principal plaza. It was born as customs for the transport of the commodities between Lombardy and the Venetian Republic and then turned into a saltpeter factory. At last, after a restauration in 2003, it has become a prestigious center for events and congresses.

– The Scaliger Castle– the remains of this castle are situated inside the Villa Bernini. You can’t visit them, but walking outside its boundaries you’ll see its 5 tower and the two big Scaliger coats next to the entries.

– La chiesa dei Santi Zeno e Martino – The Curch of Saints Zeno and Martin contains beautiful frescos and white aisles. Consecrated in 1888, it was built subsequently to the demolition of another church. It has been drawn by Luigi Trezza and you will find 5 bells built in 1840. The construction works has been stopped in 1821 by the Napoleonic troops.

If you have more time to spend travelling, remember that you can also visit Verona (one of the most beautiful Italian cities), half an hour by car from Lazise. But don’t greet Lazise before having tasted its typical coast dishes, as risotto with tinca and grilled fish. Obviously, drinking a glass of Bianco di Custoza or Lugana.

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