Milano da non perdere! Da Citylife al Bosco Verticale.

Things to see in Milan: CityLife, Bosco Verticale and more

The Milanese know them all, the tourists are attracted to them…but how many of you have really entered in these architectural masterpieces?
I don’t want to invent anything. I just want to let you know what my favourite buildings are, beacuse many of you often ask me for this.

The Bosco Verticale (alias Vertical Wood) in Milan has been planned by Boeri Studio and inaugurated in 2014. It fascinates both the Milanese and tourists that pass every day under its balconies.
It has won many prizes and awards: the first one shortly after its birth, winning a competition against 800 other skyscrapers; and then, in 2015 the Council on Tail Buildings and Urban Habitat elected it the Best Architecture of the World. In 2018 it has also been inserted in the prestigious chart of the 20 mosrt suggestive e meaningful buildings all over
the world by the Royal Institute of British Architects, bacuase of its extraordinary ability to influence the density and the quality of the air thanks to its botanic skills.
Do you know what makes it so unique?
First of all, its 800 tress, 4.500 bushes and 15.000 plants: if all this grenery was devoleped in horizontal, it would occupy a surface of 20.000 square meters.
In addition to this, you can find luxurious and expensive apartments (about 15.000€ per square meter) and the fabulous atrium with glass walls. And, if you’re lucky, you’ll see also some VIP coming home.

If you are a fashion lover (or, maybe, also if you don’t get crazy for it), you should absolutely visit Fondazione Prada. It has benn inaugurated in April 2018 and designed by Tem Koolhaas, Chris van Dujin and Federico Pompignoli from the Studio Oma. So, in a few months Fondazione Prada has become one of the most usual stage for the events in Milan.
This white cement building is 60 meters high and its 9 floors let it be one of the new sperheand in Milan skyline.
There are 200 square meters of exhibition halls, distributed over 6 floors. And the other floors are devoted to restaurants and services for visitors; there’s also a panoramic terrace with a magic cafe, where you have a special sight on the city.

Everyone knows them, but how many people have ever entered these towers?
3 great archistars have designed the 3 famous towers in CityLife, even initially they had to be more.
The first one, called “The Straight”, was projected by Izoaki and Maffei: 50 floors for a height of 210 meters, we’re talking about the second tallest skyscraper in Italy.
The second one is called “The Crooked” because of its torsion along all of its height: it is lower than “The Straight”, with its 175 meters for 44 floors.
The third one, planned by the architect Daniel Libeskind, will be inaugurated only in 2020 and will be the future PwC center: anyway, it has already been baptized as “The Curved”.
It will be 175 meters high (31 floors) and there will be a “Crown” on top of it, i.e. a big glass build inspired by the Renaissance domes. Do you wanna know the cost of this third skyscraper? Around 280 million €!

Well, I recently visited these places with a great photographer. He took some really nice photos and you can find them on my Instragram. So, just take a look and plan your trip in Milan!

But, if you don’t love the city life, how about going to a magical secret place?

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